On-Chain Data: The Key to Trading Success?

On-Chain Data: The Key to Trading Success?

• This week’s episode of Market Talks welcomes Miguel Morel, CEO of Arkham Intelligence, who will discuss how and why on-chain data is useful for traders.
• We also explore how the successful implementation of the Ethereum Shapella hard fork may affect Ether liquid staking derivatives, and how to use on-chain data to develop a strategy.
• Lastly we ask if technical analysis is still relevant today and how on-chain data has changed the game.

Ethereum Shapella Hard Fork

This week’s episode of Market Talks welcomed Miguel Morel, CEO of Arkham Intelligence — a blockchain intelligence company that has built a platform that provides information on real-world entities and individuals behind crypto market activity. In today’s discussion with Morel, we explored the potential implications of the recent Ethereum Shapella upgrade and its impact on Ether liquid staking derivatives. We asked what the primary takeaway was from this event for investors and what the data said about Ether liquidity. Despite expectations of a „buy-the-rumor sell-the-news“ event prior to activation, there was virtually no selling pressure for ETH after implementation. We discussed how traders could use on-chain data to develop strategies specifically tailored for investing in Ether following this upgrade.

Technical Analysis Relevance

Most traders and analysts rely too heavily on strategies that were popular in 2017 – but are these still as relevant today? We asked Morel about his opinion regarding whether or not technical analysis is dead in light of all the new developments in blockchain technology, data collection methods, and trading toolsets that have been introduced since then. He gave us his honest opinion based off real world experience backed by data collected from his team at Arkham Intelligence.

What On-Chain Data Can Do For Traders

We discussed the potential for on-chain data to make better traders out of all types investors – both novice and experienced alike. On chain analytics can provide insights into trends such as whale movements across different exchanges/assets or even overall sentiment shifts within an asset class or market segment by tracking things like order book depth changes or transaction volumes over time periods etc… All this information can help inform decisions related to when might be an ideal time enter/exit an investment position – something which can be difficult without access to accurate realtime information from reliable sources like Arkham Intelligence provides via its platform.

Future Of The Crypto Industry

Finally we discussed what might be next for Ethereum now that withdrawals are activated post successful upgrade completion, especially when it comes down to scaling solutions such as sharding & plasma sidechains being implemented more widely within network infrastructure which could further reduce congestion & improve performance over time period – making it easier for applications & services built upon blockchain technology become more efficient & user friendly than ever before!


In conclusion we had an insightful conversation with Morel looking at some potential use cases for using on chain analytics within crypto market trading strategy development processes & understanding how important factors such as network protocols upgrades (like ETH Shapella) can affect assets liquidity levels over long term horizons! Make sure you tune into our regular weekly show ‘Market Talks’ every Thursday where we feature interviews with influential people from crypto industry so you always stay up date with latest news & developments happening around space!