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MathWorks Special Session

Speaker: Prof. Duarte Guerreiro Tome Antunes, Eindhoven University of Technology

Title of the talk: Teaching with MATLAB Live Scripts

Date and time: 15.05.2020, 14:00-15:00


Live Scripts integrate MATLAB code, equations, visualizations and narrative text in a single document. The use of notebooks, such as Live Scripts, to collaborate, communicate results and transmit knowledge in education and science is increasing at a very fast pace. This talk will describe how live scripts were used to transmit knowledge in the optimal control and dynamic programming course at TU/Eindhoven. It will address both researchers/lecturers who are curious about the potential of this tool and those wanting to know more about the workflow for converting course material into live scripts. Students’ feedback reveals that Live Scripts can be interesting enablers for combining theoretical concepts with practical implementations.